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Vote to watch Math scare the crap out of himself

So, Some of you may know or not know that there is this thing called Ignite.

What is Ignite?

“Ignite is a night of presentations on a variety of topics, with a twist. Each presentation has 20 slides that automatically advance after 15 seconds. It is a worldwide movement. We bring Fort Collins geeks, designers, and hipsters together for a night of beer drinking and fun. “
– From http://www.ignitefortcollins.com/

Watch YouTube videos from past Ignite Fort Collins:

I have submitted a talk for Ignite Fort Collins #14. Yep I am facing my fears of Public Speaking, Standing out and being noticed. I hoping to do it in a big way by doing at the Lincoln Center Performance Hall (Yes, their big stage). I have not yet been selected though. Selection process goes as follow:

  1. Submit a talk! (check)
  2. Vote for talk. Which is happening now May 10, 2013 to May 16, 2013. You can vote here
  3. After the vote the Top 6 will be selected and the Ignite Committee will select 8 more.
  4. They will be announced on May 17th, 2013.

So if you want me to face my fears vote for my talks and 2 others or If you don’t vote for 3 topics you would rather to see (There were 33 topics submitted this time around). Then buy tickets for June 14th to watch it happen!

The Talk I submitted:

FAQ for a G.O.U.S. by Matthew Stein
See The G.O.U.S. in the corner looking shy and intimidating, boy you must have questions. Hmmm, I am curious… I wonder… No I shouldn’t ask… He looks scary… He might eat my children… Wait why is that wall growling at me? Wait What is a G.O.U.S.? Questions will be answered. Safely. No kidnapping. No Climbing the tallest building in town with a poor frighten woman in hand because he is frightened by the larger stage.

Here is a talk from one of my favorite speakers and role model.