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Under the Magical New Years New Moon!

Happy New Years!

It’s a new cycle of life! Every year we all make promises with ourselves then later break them with some kind of justification why we failed. Several years ago I threw out this notion of resolutions. I now employ the idea of planting seeds of my goals.

Downtown Fort Collins Business Association

This New Years is special because it falls on a new moon. Why does it make is special you ask? It’s the perfect time to plant seeds. New moons are a good time to start new things. As the moon light grows so does your seeds. Since New Year has the built-in idea of starting a new things and goal now it should be doubly effective. So don’t make resolutions plant seeds.

These are the seeds I am planting this year or continuing to nourish older seeds:

  • Write and create more
    • Blog postings
      • Personal Site
      • 3 minions and A Ritual
    • Vloging for my personal site.
    • Continue working on my first novel
  • Continue live health drop more weight and have fun doing it
  • Gardening
  • Volunteering
    • Continue work with Ignite Fort Collins
    • Loveland Creatorspace (not really volunteering but being involved)
    • Create a children program for promotion of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)
  • Learn more
    • Electronic and Prototyping

As you can see I have a lot of seeds I am planting or have planted. Don’t worry I have a plan and you can’t garden with out a plan! so go Plan and plant those seeds for the new year!

Thanks to the Downtown Fort Collins Business Association inspiration of the title of the blog post. They have First Night Event with the theme of “Under the Magical Moon” when it is a new moon.

Imbolc: Seeds of Spring Time

It’s been a long time since I have posted a honest to goodness blog entry. As you may have gather from my tweets this past year it was a hard year; but A new cycle of life has started. The Earth in its slumbering beauty is ready to wake up and allow life to spring up from its blanket beneath the ground.

I did not post or make any resolutions this year but instead reflected on the past and spend some quiet time. I also took this time to look at my goals and not necessary for this year but goals. So many things I would like to do, to get done, and/or to make a habit of.

Imbolc is the beginning of spring time. This is a time I will take sow the seeds of my future and my year. Not all the seeds I plant will come to fruition this year or even next, I just need to remember this when growing these seeds. Some seeds take more time then others but as long as I take care of them they will grow. I am also not breaking anything if nothing grow or goes to the way side. I just will need to turn the dirt and try again with stronger soil because of it.

My Seeds:

  • My health and weight back to at most 275 lbs.
  • Redoing all the floors in the house.
  • Doing Weekly Photo assignments plus taking 2 rolls of film every two weeks with my SLR.
  • Blog at lest weekly
  • Finishing A Professional Cert
  • Reconnect with friends
  • Run a Rifts Game

So happy Imbolc and happy spring season!

Happy Yule!

It’s start of a new cycle of light! The day will now grow longer and longer each day! It has me thinking of myself and habits and  I need to change them.  In way to help out with this I am going to set some goals for myself and revisit them once a month.

First goal for the year is to drop 250 lbs this an overall long term goal of the year. On a shorter side of this goal i will do weekly goals toward my overall goal I think this will help me not feel overwhelmed by my over all goal.  This weeks goal is to go to gym 3 times and do some stretching every night this week.

Second goal of the year is to save and pay for my wedding. Which we are hoping for the November 1st date. We will be making a decision by the end of January. I am also setting a bi-weekly goal of saving money from my account of min of $50. Of course I will be setting other goals and may mostly likely increase this monetary goal.

Third goal is to get my CCNA cert finished again I will have weekly goals.  To start is to read 2 chapters a week from my books.

Last goal of this year is to work on my photography! I am setting a goal of 35 photos a week to start out with and then edit them to 5 published on my website.

Wish me luck!

The New Year!

I have been debiting the past week what to write about. It’s a new year and what is the first thing most people write in new year? Resolutions! The truth the matter I don’t make them. Sure I have goals I would like to do but why should I make myself feel like crap if I don’t stick to them the whole year. So what I will do is list my goals it might be the best way for me to do them.

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