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Happy Yule!

It’s start of a new cycle of light! The day will now grow longer and longer each day! It has me thinking of myself and habits and  I need to change them.  In way to help out with this I am going to set some goals for myself and revisit them once a month.

First goal for the year is to drop 250 lbs this an overall long term goal of the year. On a shorter side of this goal i will do weekly goals toward my overall goal I think this will help me not feel overwhelmed by my over all goal.  This weeks goal is to go to gym 3 times and do some stretching every night this week.

Second goal of the year is to save and pay for my wedding. Which we are hoping for the November 1st date. We will be making a decision by the end of January. I am also setting a bi-weekly goal of saving money from my account of min of $50. Of course I will be setting other goals and may mostly likely increase this monetary goal.

Third goal is to get my CCNA cert finished again I will have weekly goals.  To start is to read 2 chapters a week from my books.

Last goal of this year is to work on my photography! I am setting a goal of 35 photos a week to start out with and then edit them to 5 published on my website.

Wish me luck!

Attack of the Dust Bunnies!

Ah…. the first entry into my new blog! I know in the past I have tried
and fail this. I am hopeful this time though! I now can just email it
in! 🙂

So the last couple of days have been filled with Dust Bunnies in the
Morning and phone calls in the afternoon. At work I have been working
with Eddie to upgrade 16 computers. This morning we got a little silly.
We are both very tired and have been busting our butts at work. I am
glad we are both taking time off for the holiday. So after I get off
work tonight, I do not have to be back at work until Monday.

I am also glad that I am starting to rebuild my website back up again.
It feels good. I don’t know how it will go graphically but it good to
get the back bones back online. I hope you enjoy the changes to come!

Have a good night and talk at you later!