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6 days until Ignite, Fears will be challenged!

Yes I was selected. I am on a roller coaster of feels right now. I just have uploaded my slides for Ignite #14 and I am a little freaked out. I will spend the weekend practicing my 5 minutes of terror and then a couple of times each day during the week. Even though I am freaked right now, I will come down and feel super excited about it. Then go up and then down a few more time until it is over.

Over all I am really excited to be doing this. I am ready to make this change. I have been sitting in the shadows afraid of being in the light. I want to learn how to be part of community and be part of building one. This fear of being seen has held me back so long. Yes, people will judge me, but I feel that I am finally starting to come to terms of that. I think I am really put a lot of me out there. I mean I only have 5 min and 20 slides, and I think it will be a lot packed in to those 5 minute.
The Ignite Fort Collins community is awesome! They are very supportive and welcoming. I think this was one of the reasons I was romanced in to submitting a spark. Nick Armstrong also has his hand in gently encouraging me to submit. I thank them for this opportunity to face my fear!

For those who are reading this and are in the Fort Collins area I hope you can come out and join the fun! It will be fun I promise. For those you can not I thank you for your thoughts of support and I will post the video of my talk when it is posted!

I am a Man of Spirit! I stand at the threshold of my fear ready to face it and cross it for the better of me and those a round me! I thank you, my guides and spirits who support me in the unseen world. I also thank you, to those in this physical world who do the same!


For those reading this and want to get tickets. You can get them here. Ignite Fort Collins #14 will be on June 14, 2013 7:00 pm at the Lincoln Center Performance Hall.

Happy Yule!

It’s start of a new cycle of light! The day will now grow longer and longer each day! It has me thinking of myself and habits and  I need to change them.  In way to help out with this I am going to set some goals for myself and revisit them once a month.

First goal for the year is to drop 250 lbs this an overall long term goal of the year. On a shorter side of this goal i will do weekly goals toward my overall goal I think this will help me not feel overwhelmed by my over all goal.  This weeks goal is to go to gym 3 times and do some stretching every night this week.

Second goal of the year is to save and pay for my wedding. Which we are hoping for the November 1st date. We will be making a decision by the end of January. I am also setting a bi-weekly goal of saving money from my account of min of $50. Of course I will be setting other goals and may mostly likely increase this monetary goal.

Third goal is to get my CCNA cert finished again I will have weekly goals.  To start is to read 2 chapters a week from my books.

Last goal of this year is to work on my photography! I am setting a goal of 35 photos a week to start out with and then edit them to 5 published on my website.

Wish me luck!

The New Year!

I have been debiting the past week what to write about. It’s a new year and what is the first thing most people write in new year? Resolutions! The truth the matter I don’t make them. Sure I have goals I would like to do but why should I make myself feel like crap if I don’t stick to them the whole year. So what I will do is list my goals it might be the best way for me to do them.

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Cloak Of Winter

The life has left,
left to sleep.
The land begins to become bitter with cold.
On this day a blanket of white shall fall from the sky.
So let it,
let it put the earth to sleep.
Let the earth deeply sleep,
for the forth coming renewal of life.
The cloak is seen as death.
Let the solstice become one of life.
This is a time,
a time of darkness.
Let the cloak heal all of humanity.
Let the cloak protect us from ourselves.
The spell is cast!
Forever the light,
with hope will shine.

By: Matthew P. Stein – 1996

I am the Sovereign…

I am the Sovereign and will no longer fear what people think of the choices I make.

Thursday night last week was the introduction night for Mens PCA at Starhouse. It was informative night for what the program entails and about myself. I know I have a lot of things I need to workout spiritual and physical. I knew this program could have possibilities of helping my way on my spiritual path. I know no longer have any doubts it would. I want the join this program badly but I don’t know if I will be able to at least this year.

I have done a lot of reflecting about the process I went through on Thursday of last week. During the summer after I left high school I ended finding myself taking a path of spiritual discovery on my own. It was not a surprising since I had hit a milestone in my life of leaving high school behind. One seems to reflect where you have been and ask where are are going during this time. I was not raised in any religious way but of path of discovery of my own path. Granted I had been given the basic of tools by my family and friends but the discovery, how I used those tools and choices were my own. Now I head toward another mile-stone in life, my 30th birthday. As much I want to and need to do Mens PCA I must wait one more year. I have though taken something from the intro night to help get to the program next year.