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Ah NEW Tiki Bar TV!!!!! Enjoy!

Crazy Couple of Weeks!

Burning ManIt has been a crazy couple of weeks. It started out with me going to the first weekend for Men’s PCA. I know I said I was not going to do it but when you become hunted down and the universe smacks you upside the head you would listen to. More about the my reflection on that in a future post. Then I worked my three days before I left for Portland with no time to reflect on my experiences of the weekend events.

Tuesday night of that week my Mother and I left for Portland, Or. It was a 20-23 hour drive. Advise even it was do able don’t! It’s better to take night of sleep after driving 10 hours. Let’s say I won’t do that again when Lora and I go next time. The trip was good and fun. I visited my Brother and his family, explored the area, and meet some new friends from WoW. I do want to thank Davaul and Angwel for their kindness and showing me around their fine city. I hope to see the next time I visit and will spend more time with them.

So when I got back my hosting company had issues with the server my sites were on. This was the last straw for me. I transfered my domains and sites to this past week. I have updated to WordPress 2.2 and I have uploaded all the Burning Man photos I want on the site to the site. After I make sure is working properly I will be working my site again. I have some ideas for season templates and other features.

So that is it for my quick update. I will have more to come soon!

Hunt for the Code….

9D 74 E3 5B

Tuesday = Wednesday

This week and for the next few weeks Tuesday is my Wednesday. I volunteered to do inventory for work. I have no idea what I was thinking. I think the workaholic inside me took over and volunteered me. 😛

I can’t seem to get my blog by email thing to work since the hosting company’s server doesn’t see the email address for it. So I will have to login to the page and blog. One thing I am trying out is cross posting my blog entries to my forum so people who visit my site can comment, since I disabled comments of the main part of the page. At least I am working on the page as I can.

Not much today….

Lack of Habit!

I suck at bloging! Lol

I really do mean to write things down. I even try to make it easier for me to blog via email but know, one entry and I stop. I would like to say I have been super busy as my excuse but really It has been a lack of motivation. I need to get in to habit of this. I think vent and writing my thoughts down is good for me. I think another reason I don’t do this very often is I really don’t think any one reads this so why put in the energy. This is a double edge sword though. Maybe no one reads this is because I don’t update it. Gah! Spring is a couple of days and good time to start fresh (or at least try to!)

I just want to write this little note stating I am alive and well; just not good at bloging. Hoping I will do better for now on! I am also going to be doing some updates to the site and redesign to make it more personal. So watch out for those!

Happy New Moon!