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Under the Magical New Years New Moon!

Happy New Years!

It’s a new cycle of life! Every year we all make promises with ourselves then later break them with some kind of justification why we failed. Several years ago I threw out this notion of resolutions. I now employ the idea of planting seeds of my goals.

Downtown Fort Collins Business Association

This New Years is special because it falls on a new moon. Why does it make is special you ask? It’s the perfect time to plant seeds. New moons are a good time to start new things. As the moon light grows so does your seeds. Since New Year has the built-in idea of starting a new things and goal now it should be doubly effective. So don’t make resolutions plant seeds.

These are the seeds I am planting this year or continuing to nourish older seeds:

  • Write and create more
    • Blog postings
      • Personal Site
      • 3 minions and A Ritual
    • Vloging for my personal site.
    • Continue working on my first novel
  • Continue live health drop more weight and have fun doing it
  • Gardening
  • Volunteering
    • Continue work with Ignite Fort Collins
    • Loveland Creatorspace (not really volunteering but being involved)
    • Create a children program for promotion of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)
  • Learn more
    • Electronic and Prototyping

As you can see I have a lot of seeds I am planting or have planted. Don’t worry I have a plan and you can’t garden with out a plan! so go Plan and plant those seeds for the new year!

Thanks to the Downtown Fort Collins Business Association inspiration of the title of the blog post. They have First Night Event with the theme of “Under the Magical Moon” when it is a new moon.

Bed Head for the Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Not real post but I thought I would share some photos of some awesome bed head!

I went out in public with this hair!
I went out in public with this hair!

My hair is excited for the Winter Holiday!

Bed Head 2 12/2013
Bed Head 2 12/2013

I hope this made you smile!

6 days until Ignite, Fears will be challenged!

Yes I was selected. I am on a roller coaster of feels right now. I just have uploaded my slides for Ignite #14 and I am a little freaked out. I will spend the weekend practicing my 5 minutes of terror and then a couple of times each day during the week. Even though I am freaked right now, I will come down and feel super excited about it. Then go up and then down a few more time until it is over.

Over all I am really excited to be doing this. I am ready to make this change. I have been sitting in the shadows afraid of being in the light. I want to learn how to be part of community and be part of building one. This fear of being seen has held me back so long. Yes, people will judge me, but I feel that I am finally starting to come to terms of that. I think I am really put a lot of me out there. I mean I only have 5 min and 20 slides, and I think it will be a lot packed in to those 5 minute.
The Ignite Fort Collins community is awesome! They are very supportive and welcoming. I think this was one of the reasons I was romanced in to submitting a spark. Nick Armstrong also has his hand in gently encouraging me to submit. I thank them for this opportunity to face my fear!

For those who are reading this and are in the Fort Collins area I hope you can come out and join the fun! It will be fun I promise. For those you can not I thank you for your thoughts of support and I will post the video of my talk when it is posted!

I am a Man of Spirit! I stand at the threshold of my fear ready to face it and cross it for the better of me and those a round me! I thank you, my guides and spirits who support me in the unseen world. I also thank you, to those in this physical world who do the same!


For those reading this and want to get tickets. You can get them here. Ignite Fort Collins #14 will be on June 14, 2013 7:00 pm at the Lincoln Center Performance Hall.

Vote to watch Math scare the crap out of himself

So, Some of you may know or not know that there is this thing called Ignite.

What is Ignite?

“Ignite is a night of presentations on a variety of topics, with a twist. Each presentation has 20 slides that automatically advance after 15 seconds. It is a worldwide movement. We bring Fort Collins geeks, designers, and hipsters together for a night of beer drinking and fun. “
– From

Watch YouTube videos from past Ignite Fort Collins:

I have submitted a talk for Ignite Fort Collins #14. Yep I am facing my fears of Public Speaking, Standing out and being noticed. I hoping to do it in a big way by doing at the Lincoln Center Performance Hall (Yes, their big stage). I have not yet been selected though. Selection process goes as follow:

  1. Submit a talk! (check)
  2. Vote for talk. Which is happening now May 10, 2013 to May 16, 2013. You can vote here
  3. After the vote the Top 6 will be selected and the Ignite Committee will select 8 more.
  4. They will be announced on May 17th, 2013.

So if you want me to face my fears vote for my talks and 2 others or If you don’t vote for 3 topics you would rather to see (There were 33 topics submitted this time around). Then buy tickets for June 14th to watch it happen!

The Talk I submitted:

FAQ for a G.O.U.S. by Matthew Stein
See The G.O.U.S. in the corner looking shy and intimidating, boy you must have questions. Hmmm, I am curious… I wonder… No I shouldn’t ask… He looks scary… He might eat my children… Wait why is that wall growling at me? Wait What is a G.O.U.S.? Questions will be answered. Safely. No kidnapping. No Climbing the tallest building in town with a poor frighten woman in hand because he is frightened by the larger stage.

Here is a talk from one of my favorite speakers and role model.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, and Think Different.

While the Apple ][ was not the first computer I used, it was the first computer I bought myself with my own money. While I am not Super OMG must have every single product emblazoned with an Apple logo fanboy, I really like their products for the most part would be open to buy them if I could afford to. I think this is due to Steve Jobs vision of the world. So for the past week since I have heard the news of Steve Jobs passing I have held heavy heart for his loss; while holding space for his mourning family and friends. Mr. Jobs was first and foremost human. Humans make choices for good and for bad that is even subjective to the observer. Mr. Job was a great man, however you see good or bad. Great people have to make sacrifice to do great things. He was focused on his vision to bring great product to us. He pushed us to Think Different and look at the world differently even if we didn’t realize it. I feel that he did leave the world better place. I don’t think I would be doing what I do if he didn’t leave his mark on the world.

From the boy in his bedroom writing programs on his Apple ][ to the man writing this post on an ipad. Thank you Steve Jobs for sharing your vision with us.

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” – Steve Jobs quoting The Whole Earth Catalog in his Stanford Commencement Speech [Video]