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Thank you for visiting my corner of the web. Here you will find my blog, photos and other things that interest me.

Math Stein

As may have gathered I am Math and I live in Fort Collins, Colorado with my lovely partner Lora Volwiler. I am a tall man of spirit with a technopathy super power. I bet you are sitting there with that sentence going, “Ok, yeah… What in the hell does that mean.” Let’s start out with the easiest statement. Tall. I am quite a tall man at 6′ 10″. Before you go any start asking me questions about my size, I have a short video from you to watch on this subject. This is a talk I did for Ignite Fort Collins in June 2013.

I hope the nice little video answer most of your questions while entertained you! Now, I am going to jump to my technopathy super power statement, I will get back to the man of sprint. I love technology and working with it. Gadgets, gadgets and more gadgets. I also have knack of troubleshooting said technology. I guess that why I so well suited Systems Engineering at Center Partners which I been there since 1999. I have many interests which if you explore this site you will find some of them are gaming (video games and table top), photography, and general geeky stuff.

Now let’s get to my “Man of Spirit” statement, I don’t subscribe myself to any one religion but I am deep spiritual and follow a path of my own. From time to time I will hopefully share this more with you as time goes on.

Let’s now give you some history and information of this website. I have had some kind for website since 1995 when it was first introduced to me in high school. In 1997 I moved my website from Poudre School District (PSD) servers to Front Range Internet Inc. (FRII). After many years there, I then bought my own domain mathstein.com redesigned the website powered by database using the PHP-Nuke CMS, this happening January of 2002. Around August 2004 through November 2006 I stop maintaining the site for a while due to some personal issue I was going through. Since 2006 I have on and off again change the site adding a couple of postings and change the CMS to WordPress for better blogging ease. In 2009 saw the addition of daily twitter digest feed as part of the site which I stop doing in 2010, which I kept posting here and there.

Welcome again and Blessings!
— Math Stein