Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-10-07

  • @Ben_Etc I think it was invented before the Nobel Prize. #
  • @Ben_Etc honored to be called crazy! I have worked years for that achievement. 🙂 #
  • burned 2184 calories doing 90 minutes of "Swimming, leisurely, general"#myfitnesspal #
  • @Ben_Etc it's because you know the secret that bow ties are cool #
  • @wilw ebay #
  • Did someone say snow?!?!? #
  • burned 2913 calories doing 120 minutes of "Swimming, leisurely, general"#myfitnesspal #
  • Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow!Snow! #
  • Yes I am invoking the snow spirits! Reason we need the snow! IF we don't have snow we get a state on fire. I don't want that do you? #
  • completed his food and exercise diary for 10/03/2012 and was under his calorie goal #myfitnesspal #

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