Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-27

  • I think that kohl's marketing should be shot for the black "Friday" commercials. #
  • 🙁 #
  • Food For Thought – Preservatives and Predicaments in Poudre School District Lunchrooms #
  • @LoraVolwiler is making weird noises and talking about making dough pets… o.0 #
  • @LoraVolwiler and I just set up our first large tree… Next is to decorated! #
  • I am so looking forward to live culture yogurt in 3 days!!!! These F***ing antibiotics are pissing off my body 🙁 #
  • You know what is awesome? Watching UHF at 2 am sober, cause life is like a mop! @alyankovic #
  • Ok Life is like a Mop sometimes not always! Sometimes my brain forgets to type words also… #
  • Ack! Help! I am being tortured with lifetime channel Christmas movies! #

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