Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-20

  • @PMATQWestLinn I do to but I have notice lately my tweets haven't been posting… also with hootsutie you can schedule posts ahead of time. #
  • I spent 50 minutes doing circuit training. 1,489 calories burned. #LoseIt #
  • I spent 1 hour swimming. 1,787 calories burned. #LoseIt #
  • Ok Now going to bed…. long workout day tomorrow… Nessus scan set up for the night. I hope I don't anymore telecom servers #
  • I also I get some real rest and don't freak out about scanning my woman and breaking her. Good Night all! #
  • hmmm my twitter feed isn't posting on facebook. #
  • oooh it looks like it is working now…good night all #
  • Hmmm….maybe doing hour with the trainer then swim laps for an hour then water aerobics for an hour was not the wisest choice. #
  • Crawling in to bed now with extra crawl! I hope my body will not be still protesting in the morning, cause I can't resign from being ruler. #
  • Messed up sleeping pattern brought to by the letter "N" #nessusq #
  • @Ben_Etc don't do it! You will make weaponized tomatoes #

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