Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-08

  • I wish everyone abundance and happiness on this beautiful Lughnasadh day! #
  • @the901 *hands you 3L of water* Drink this all now! in reply to the901 #
  • Gaw! I WAS such a slob! Little by little that is changing #
  • What the Hell is wrong with me…. *Closes the Postfix documentation and slow backs away from the computer* #workaholic #
  • Today's configuration document is about reconfiguring fruit and/or veg into wine. Making Wild Wines and Meads #
  • I'm at Hu Hot Express (2720 Council Tree Ave #194 Harmony, Fort Collins). #
  • Smell of freshly baked bread in the air = joy and happiness in many different ways #
  • Ok the tarragon and mint with lemon hummus is made… Dishes almost done.. Almost bed time #
  • Women of PCA are gonna have an awesome salad tomorrow that Lora created tonight. Flavors are melding nicely and that she made bread! #
  • I'm at Dreamtime #
  • The great kale chip experiment begins #
  • @savysarah I hope my lady will like them… trying to prove kale is more then garnish… lol in reply to savysarah #
  • I'm at Famous Dave's BBQ (2880 E. HARMONY RD, ZIEGLER RD, FORT COLLINS). #
  • @savysarah What temp do you bake the kale…I think the temp in the destructions I have is wrong #

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