The New Year!

I have been debiting the past week what to write about. It’s a new year and what is the first thing most people write in new year? Resolutions! The truth the matter I don’t make them. Sure I have goals I would like to do but why should I make myself feel like crap if I don’t stick to them the whole year. So what I will do is list my goals it might be the best way for me to do them.

1. My first goal I have this year is to take better care of myself.  I am terrible at this. I would more time taking care of everyone else but myself. I need to do this. I am getting old enough where it starting to take a toll. I need to exercise more. I need to eat healthier ( I don’t mean that eat a lot of crap. I just mean I eat too much). I need to write more about my frustration and life.

2. I need to blog more! This kind of goes with 1 but this goal is practicing to write more. I have always been afraid of writing since I was told that I suck at it. You know what, the only way I can get better is to practice. I am committing to posting to the blog once a week.  I don’t know what subject I will talk about I will just write what is on my mind at the time.

3. Taking more photos, I need to practice this also. I love photography and I would like to do more of this art. I don’t really have an excuse now since I have nice point and shoot camera. This way I can try and collect some ideas and also share my life with everyone.

4.  Get out more.

5. Continue to work with PCA and ASC community. It has been such a wonderful experience to explore and grow spiritually.

6. Reconnect to friends. I miss my best friend Allison. We haven’t been talking or hanging out much for the past few years. I really miss that.

I am going to stop here since it is getting late, but I will keep updated on these goal and most likely add more done the road.


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