August update…..

Life in general has been kicking my butt to hell and back. This past 3-4 weeks have been very tough. I have been putting long hard hours at work with no end sight at this time. The week after the July PCA, Lora grandmother died. I wish I could say the effect on me was little but is was not. I don’t know if I did the right thing to compartmentalize it but I felt I had to so I could help Lora through her grieving process. I have been very sensitive to death and this really bothered me. After we got back we had yet another thing to deal with when our water heater died in a soggy way. Which upset Lora since it this all was happening near my birthday. Lora did awesome for the day of my birthday it was great time but I still felt something was yet happen. 2 days later my Mother call me to let me know our beloved canine family member past away. I could have just left work to spend time mourning with my mother but I felt I could not since we had to have our new site up by morning. I just compartmentalized it and continued to work at 150%. I didn’t get to my mother house until almost 10:30 at night and I felt like crap because of it. The next day and up today work has been pushing and pulling me so thin I just lost it today broke down crying. I going spend some time taking care of myself. So that is what has been happening to me for the past few weeks. Hopefully things will get better.


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