Lack of Habit!

I suck at bloging! Lol

I really do mean to write things down. I even try to make it easier for me to blog via email but know, one entry and I stop. I would like to say I have been super busy as my excuse but really It has been a lack of motivation. I need to get in to habit of this. I think vent and writing my thoughts down is good for me. I think another reason I don’t do this very often is I really don’t think any one reads this so why put in the energy. This is a double edge sword though. Maybe no one reads this is because I don’t update it. Gah! Spring is a couple of days and good time to start fresh (or at least try to!)

I just want to write this little note stating I am alive and well; just not good at bloging. Hoping I will do better for now on! I am also going to be doing some updates to the site and redesign to make it more personal. So watch out for those!

Happy New Moon!

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